Do Bodybuilders Really Need Supplements?

Do bodybuilders really need supplements? Let’s examine that question.

The first thing to look at when trying to answer the million-dollar question about supplements (with the ever-increasing revenues of the supplement industry I should more accurately call it a “billion-dollar question”) is what do we define as “need”?

The question seems to be, “do we really need supplements”? But the answer to that completely depends upon what it is that we do or do not need them for. Let’s examine a couple of different definitions.

“Do bodybuilders need supplements to become bigger and stronger?”

The answer to this question? No!

Regardless of what the million-dollar supplement companies would have you believe, supplementation is not mandatory in the pursuit of increased muscle mass and strength. Anyone who trains hard and focuses on consuming adequate amounts of protein, carbohydrates and fats from whole foods can and will see a significant increase in muscle size and strength. Do you think that serious lifters back in the 1940′s were pounding back “Ultra-Cell-Volumizing Fruit Punch Creatine Cocktails” after their workouts? No, they were eating steak and potatoes and washing it down with a glass of milk.

If you want to become bigger and stronger, supplements are not mandatory. Period.

So given this fact, bodybuilders shouldn’t use any supplements, right? Wrong.

Let’s examine the second definition.

“Do bodybuilders need supplements to become as big and strong as they possibly can?”

The answer to this question? Yes!

Although supplements are not mandatory to become bigger and stronger, they ARE mandatory if your goal is to become as big and strong as you possibly can. By investing in the right products and using the proper amounts, you can definitely gain an extra edge and see superior gains than a person who has chosen not to go the supplement route.

With the endless hours of hard work and dedication that you put in at the gym and at home on your quest to achieving the physique you desire, it only seems logical that a few extra bucks should be spent each month on a few reputable products in order to maximize your gains.

The question you simply have to ask yourself is, “how much are my muscle gains worth to me?” If an extra boost in strength at the gym and lean muscle tissue is worth the price of that bottle of creatine, then it makes sense to purchase it. If a minimization of muscle breakdown and increased immune system strength is worth the price of that bottle of glutamine, then it makes sense to purchase it.

“Do bodybuilders really need supplements?”

If you’re serious about achieving the most significant muscle size and strength gains that you possibly can, then I definitely would recommend a basic and straightforward supplement plan to maximize your results. Here are the 5 most basic supplements that I would recommend:

1) Whey Protein
2) Creatine
3) Glutamine
4) High-Potency Multivitamin
5) Essential Fatty Acids

This is a great place to start and will go a long way in increasing your lean muscle mass, strength and fat burning capabilities. There are definitely a lot of worthless, ineffective supplements out there, but these 5 basic products have been shown time and time again to be both effective and worth the cost. If you’re looking to gain an extra edge and are serious about reaching your muscle-building goals, they are definitely worth looking into.

Demand for Health Supplements

Are you tired of choking down pills and capsules and mixing yucky tasting powders that you have to mix with water or juice in order to take your basic nutritional supplementation? Are you tired of drinking yucky tasting juices that taste more like motor oil? Well, there is a solution and it’s new, easy, and simple to use and digest-and frankly, the science of nutrition is very clear. To get the most out of nutrients, you should take them around the same time you eat, which means carrying them around with you. And you can’t take them if you left your supplements at home.

For years, athletes have been pounding carbs in gel packs in the middle of races so they get the benefit immediately. Pills and the outer coatings may not get broken down in your system and liquids need to be shaken and taken immediately-now you too can get immediate results like professional athletes.

Imagine consuming your daily intake of nutrition, vitamins and minerals and anti-oxidants through a simple a new technology called “suspension gel technology”. Easy to consume soft gel packs that contain an exact dosage of nutrients your body needs-you just “rip and sip” and there is no need to refrigerate these gel packs just put them in your pocket, purse or bag and take them with you and consume them around mealtime.

Why is gel technology so much better? Two very important factors influence the efficacy of nutritional supplements: 1) the proper timing of ingestion, and 2) the bioavailability of the nutrients. Because of these factors, gel technology represents a significant advance in the method of delivery for vitamins, minerals and other important food supplements. Gel suspension dramatically increases proper ingestion of food supplements and, provides extreme convenience and allows for optimal timing of ingestion, thereby maximizing nutritional efficacy.

In contrast to their pill and capsule counterparts, gel formulations are typically moist, smooth, flavorful and easy to swallow. By suspending nutrients in a gel, individuals with swallowing difficulties have a higher likelihood of easily ingesting nutritional supplements. Nutritional supplements are most effective when ingested according to the optimal timing guidelines for each individual supplement. Some nutrients are better absorbed when taken with meals. Others are best when consumed at pre-determined intervals prior to food ingestion in order to maximize the effect of their active ingredients, or to avoid conflicting uptake mechanisms with other food particles. Gel supplements are packaged in convenient gel packs that are highly portable, allowing availability at the appropriate time-no matter when it is.

The bioavailability of the nutrients in food supplements is of paramount importance. If nutrients are not available for uptake in the gastro-intestinal tract, they are essentially useless. Poorly manufactured supplements in pill or capsule form are not consistently digested and absorbed. With the introduction of gel technology, all nutrients remain in their natural state, optimizing bioavailability, and increasing the absorption and digestion of essential vitamins and minerals. In a nutshell, Gelceuticals will change the way we take nutritional supplements. By increasing the ease-of-use, optimizing timing and enhancing absorption, gel technology widens the scope of supplementation-the ingredients are ready, available and packed with the supplemental power and good taste you’ve been waiting for.

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